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American Standard Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Bidet Toile

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The Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Bidet Toilet from American Standard combines the cleansing of a bidet with the sleek lines of a modern, auto-flush toilet. Featuring a heated bidet seat with dual nozzles that direct a soothing stream of warm water to both front and rear areas, it ensures a complete, comfortable cleansing experience.

Engineered for unparalleled personal hygiene and design excellence, the Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Bidet Toilet delivers a uniquely refreshing experience in a style to complement every bathroom.

Bidet Seat Features
  • Welcome relief from common pregnancy and postpartum conditions
  • Ideal for medical conditions that require improved hygiene
  • Self-cleaning dual nozzles for effective front and rear cleansing
  • Multiple sprays provide a personalized cleansing experience 
  • Instant heat ensures constant availability of warm water
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature for added comfort 
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature reduces toilet paper use
  • Intuitive remote control for easy operation
  • Air-shield deodorizer reduces odors in the bowl
  • Room freshener for fresh air inside the bathroom
  • Auto open/close seat and lid for no-touch convenience
  • Seamless design with one-touch button removal for easy cleaning
  • Low profile is sleek and modern 
  • Soft night light guides you at night
  • Eco-friendly one-touch power save mode  

Toilet Bowl Features

  • Auto flush for no-touch convenience 
  • External manual flush button 
  • Forceful triple vortex dual flushing using 1.32 or 0.92gpf
  • AirShield Blue light deodorizes inside the bowl
  • ADA compliant

Specification Sheet

Installation Manual